4 Skin Care Regimen You Need To Know

Beautiful skin starts from mastering the basics of skin care. It is the foundation for a flawless and smooth skin. All the products in the market offers variety of benefits but it will not produce the result you want if you do not tackle these basics regimen.


Cleaning your face is the first and most important aspect of skin care. Being exposed to different types of dirt and irritants throughout the day exposes you to various skin problems. Dirt will settle in these fine pores and sleeping with a dirty face will result in pimples and acne breakout.

Choose a cleanser that is gentle and mild. Avoid cleanser that dries out the skin too much as this can lead to breakouts also. After cleaning, your skin will feel smoother and cleaner.


Toner works to calm your skin and absorb deep seated dirt inside your pores. Some toners have repairing properties while other products relieve redness and inflammation. Incorporating toner daily will result to a beautiful skin and allow your skin to regenerate easily.


Exfoliant functions by removing dead skin cell on the surface of the skin making your skin look younger and smooth. It contains micro beads that will exfoliate your skin surface gently.

Exfoliating can be done twice a week as it will remove the dead skin that is exposed to harsh environment. It will also even out skin tone, unclog pores and minimize wrinkles.


You need to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun and sunscreen is the safest yet easiest way to protect it. Use at least SPF15 and above to effectively prevent the sun from damaging your skin.

Above are the three most basic yet important steps in skin care that must be practice daily. Nonetheless, there are still other regimens you can apply to move one step ahead in achieving beautiful skin. Anti aging, whitening and ionthermie cellulite reduction are just few of commonly use treatments among adults.

Easy Habits For A Healthy Skin

SkinHealthy skin is not achieved overnight. It requires consistency and lifestyle change. Even if you are gifted with good skin genes, you still have to develop healthy skin habits to prevent from any unwanted skin problems. If you are looking for ways to deal with your problematic skin, here are easy habits you can develop to achieve better skin.

Drink Lots of Water

You heard it many times from your mother but drinking water is not just about preventing dehydration. Your internal organs and skin will benefit from it. Water removes toxins, salt and fats from the body. You can also eat fruits that are rich in water content. Water is also a good method for cellulite reduction as it removes fats in the body.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise pumps blood and nourish all the organs in the body including the skin. Also, by exercising you are eliminating unwanted fats from your body thus reduces the appearance of cellulite or toxin.


This might be a surprising to many but caffeine can boost your skin because it can tighten your skin by eliminating excess fluids in the tissues. It also improve blood flow vessel under the skin. Make sure to look for creams that contain caffeine because drinking a whole mug of latter won’t do your skin a favor.

Healthy Diet

Whether you are overweight or underweight, you need to develop a healthy eating habit. Choose more vegetables and fruits rather than chips and sodas.

Food rich in preservatives will slowly ruin your skin while veggies will feed every cell in your body and nurture it to health. When you are healthy, getting a glowing skin free from acne or cellulite is easy.

Everything starts from the inside and the result of your healthy eating will be reflected in your skin and behavior. Being conscious with what you eat doesn’t mean calorie counting or food deprivation but it is making the right choices when it comes to your meal planning.

These easy to follow habits are achievable when put into action. It might not be easy in the beginning but once your body adopt, you will enjoy these healthy habits. Do not immediately resolve for expensive cellulite creams or acne removing program unless you have tried these tips.